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Baby Screen Time: How much CoComelon is too much Cocomelon?

Baby Screen Time: How much CoComelon is too much Cocomelon? - Belle Baby

Why Your Baby Shouldn't Binge-Watch Netflix?

Hey new parents! Are you tempted to plop your little one in front of a screen so you can finally enjoy that much-needed nap?
While we totally get it (sleep is precious!), too much screen time for babies can actually stunt their development. Here's the lowdown on why you should limit your baby's screen time:
Screen time? More like Snooze time!
First thing's first: babies should be catching z's, not watching TV. When babies stare at a screen, they miss out on the face-to-face interaction that's so important for their language development. Plus, the blue light emitted by screens can disrupt the production of sleep-inducing hormones, making it tough for your little one to catch some quality shut-eye.
Baby fat? Ain't nobody got time for that!
Another downside to screen time? It's often associated with snacking, particularly unhealthy snacks. That sedentary lifestyle can quickly lead to obesity and related issues. Plus, babies need time and space to move around and explore their world!
Moody babies? Say it ain't so!
When babies spend too much time on screens, they miss out on crucial opportunities to play and interact with others. That can lead to negative behavior like irritability, tantrums, and speaking delays.
So, what can you do to limit screen time?
Here are a few tips to help you reduce screen time and have fun with your little one:
  • No screens at mealtime, bedtime, or playtime!


  • Schedule designated screen time and limit it to an hour or less per day.


  • Encourage activities that promote physical activity and social interaction, like playing with toys, singing songs, or dancing.
In conclusion, while some screen time may be okay for babies, it can't replace real-life experiences and interactions. So, switch off Netflix and instead, create memories with your baby that will last a lifetime!


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