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It's the most exciting time!

Is it going to be a boy or a girl?


We look at our favourite unique and simply awesome ways to revealing the big secret.


Here it is;


1. The Balloon Pop 🎈

We're all familiar with the general and very exciting balloon pop - but if you're keen to take it one step further, why not make a darts game out of it? This couple did just that, making a real event of the reveal.

Watch Here


2. The Treasure Hunt 🕵️

It's a... rollercoaster. If you're after a real nail biting way to reveal the big secret, well then this is it. Get family and friends involved - whether they're taking part or just watching, you can bet everyone will be at the edge of their seat. This lovely couple with their adorable daughter executed this perfectly.

Watch Here


3. The Surprise Cake 🎂

If you're after something a little more subtle then Cake goes down a treat. I mean cakes involved - that's always a winner! If it's not the result you or your other little ones were hoping for, then what better way to cheer everyone up? See how this family find out they're having a....

Watch Here


4. The Smoke Bomb 💨

Simply awesome. Go above an beyond and while you're doing it, also get that perfect insta shot. This will undoubtedly be a moment to remember. Watch this couple's visually stunning reveal.

Watch Here


5. The Gym Style 🏋️

A no brainer for any fitness buff, obviously a bonus if both you and your significant other share a love for fitness. This adorable reveal had to make our top 5 quirky list - make sure you get it on video, it's a definite winner for your social media.

Watch Here


Bonus Tips: Video it and if you do make sure you get peoples votes on video so you can hold them to it! Leave a message for you baby to be to watch back when they're older.


Are we missing any? We'd love to hear your thoughts, leave a comment below.


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